Rhetorical Analysis Of Frederick Douglass

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Brandon Pray
Mrs. Fuette
College History 111
12 October 2017
“I am going away to the Great House Farm! O, yea! O yea! O”(Douglass 324).
These songs that Fredrick Douglass sang where what the slaves used to hide themselves from the fact that they are not free and most likely will never be. When Fredrick Douglass wrote his own book accounting these inhumane lifestyles that the white man forced onto the black man, he wanted to share his points of view to other white and blacks alike. His intentions was to show how corrupt his Masters where and how brutal white people where to innocent black people during these desperate times. Fredrick Douglass knew better in regards to having a positive outlook on his life and seeing past these slave owning masters. Hough’s wife, Sophia Auld, actually helps Frederick Douglass with learning and is an important emotional component because she is one of many people who cares about Fredrick Douglass. Throughout his Narrative, he meets many new people, works different jobs, and plans for his great escape to freedom.
We see many times that the masters of Fredrick Douglass attempt to dehumanize both him and his peers. In chapter three, Douglass showed how the treatment of the horses greatly surpassed that of the slaves. He writes, “for in nothing was Colonel Lloyd more particular than in the management of his horses”(Douglass 326). He then went on writing how the slaves in charge of the horses were whipped for the slightest imperfections in the
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