Rhetorical Analysis Of Hippolytus

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Euripides is known for starting his plays with a speech, which gives background information and informs the reader what is going to occur later on in Hippolytus. Although this gives away the surprise to the reader right from the start, it allows them to understand the reasoning behind the motive and gives a better understanding. In the beginning scene, Aphrodite gives a speech about her hatred towards Hippolytus, considering he did the worst thing possible, by not worship her since he hunts all day and does not believe in sex. She then explains in the passage what she is going to do in revenge in order to get back at him for his wrongdoings. It is clear how furious this makes Aphrodite and how it makes her feel less powerful that she is not supported by Hippolytus. Aphrodite foreshadows what is going to happen throughout the play, which informs only the reader of what is going to happen, while the characters have no idea. Through numerous stylistic devices, lexical groups, and syntax, the audience is able to get a much deeper and better understanding of why Aphrodite has such a hatred for Hippolytus. The beginning of the scene is very powerful and persuasive. Aphrodite does everything in her power to make sure not only Hippolytus but also the readers know how much authority she has over the other characters. This is shown by litotes in the first line, where she is telling the reader how much power she has by saying what she is not: “I am powerful and not without a name
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