Rhetorical Analysis Of ' Holes ' Then Watching The Film ' By Andrew Davis

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Holes Persuasive Essay

After reading Louis Sachar 's novel "Holes" then watching the film adaptation by Andrew Davis, I can without a doubt say that I enjoyed watching the movie more than reading the novel. I found the novel to be detailed, however, boring and unenjoyable due to its slow pace and confusing structure. When I watched the movie, I really liked the emotion and passion, the simplicity and clear structure and the entertaining and amusing action and comedy aspects. These are the factors that contribute to why I believe that the film "Holes" is more enjoyable than the novel "Holes".

Whilst reading the novel, I never experienced any passion or emotion. I felt that the novel was descriptive but just not captivating to audiences. When reading "Holes" I definitely found myself losing focus and interest. This may be due to the slow pace and difficulty to picture each scene realistically. Time after time, I found myself unengaged and unwilling to continue the novel due to its lack of emotional description. However, in the movie, actually watching the scenes be bought to life engaged audiences and, during major scenes in the plot, enhanced the audiences experience using drama, realism and passion.
The first example of a scene that is represented better in the film than compared to the novel, is when Hector Zeroni runs away from the camp. In the novel, while the boys are digging holes, Hector is involved in a fight with ZigZag after ZigZag threatens Stanley. During the
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