Rhetorical Analysis Of James Hikins And Richard Cherwitz 's Piece ' The Engaged University

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James Hikins and Richard Cherwitz’s piece “The Engaged University: Where Rhetorical Theory Matters, develops a theory around rhetorical perspectivism in order to exhibit the acquisition of knowledge through rhetoric. As time has gone by the way education has shifted from the growth of a person and the general joy of learning new things about the world, to obtaining as much knowledge to pass an exam. Hikins and Cherwitz strive to surround education on straying away from today’s perspective of education to focusing on students generating their own intellectual ideas with others in order to solve real world issues. They stress the importance of the younger generations’ perspectives in order to solve common world problems.
There is a plethora of issues surrounding our current education system, the most important issue is that education is centered on the idea that only one person should do the thinking on any given topic. As a student, you are expected to learn the material by being lectured and learning the concrete facts that go into any given topic. There is no stress on looking at things from different perspectives. The education system would be a different place if students were not only being tested about the world, but how to make our world better for ourselves. James Hikins and Richard Cherwitz wrote an essential work that highlighted an idea commonly known as, rhetorical perspectivism. Rhetorical Perspectivism creates a foundation for how students and the world could…
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