Rhetorical Analysis Of Jfk Speech

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Culminating Activity-Rough Draft

To start off John F. Kennedy was giving his speech during the inauguration, talking to the citizens of America. He was giving a very powerful speech that included metaphors, rhetoric devices, and SOAPS. I say that because he used that to capture the audience's attention. He starts off by talking about the war and those who fought for us, to be brave like them. That they were not looking for power like most of them were, that’s when he used a metaphor saying those who “sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside”. Saying that they were foolish to even think they can gain that power they don’t deserve, how they talk about doing good, instead of actually doing it. Kennedy was making a type of statement, on how we the americans should show more compassion to those who don’t have anything.

Kennedy, wanted nation’s to come together and be civil with one another. To not show fear of negotiating with them the idea. He explains how he wanted this to be done, yet he knows this wouldn’t happen during their time, but he wanted to be the start of something new. During his speech he used the rhetoric device chiasmus which is to rephrase what was said in the previous sentence. Here is an example of what he said, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” It is the same thing just switches it to make it sound how can you help, instead of how they can help. Basically, kennedy is saying to be more involved in our country.

In his speech he uses SOAPS, which is talking about the subject which is to be more involved with the country, and the things around the world. The speaker was the new president of the U.S. the occasion was during the inauguration of him becoming the new president. The audience was practically everyone who attended and those who were watching it on t.v. The main purpose of him making that speech and about that topic was to get the people thinking about what they can do to make their country a better place. He actually wanted to do something with his power in command. Not only helping out his nation, yet coming together with all nations to help the less fortunate around the world. That is how he used SOAPS in that
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