Rhetorical Analysis Of John Berger 's ' Ways Of Seeing

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay
In John Berger’s essay “Ways of Seeing,” he shares his view on how he feels art is seen. Mr. Berger explores how the views of people are original and how art is seen very differently. By comparing certain photographs, he goes on to let his Audience, which is represented as the academic, witness for themselves how art may come across as something specific and it can mean something completely different depending on who is studying the art. The author goes into details of why images were first used, how we used to analyze art vs how we do today, and the rarity of arts. He is able to effectively pass on his message by using the strategies of Rhetoric, which include Logos, Pathos, and Ethos.
Mr. Berger uses Pathos close to the beginning of his essay to get the attention of his audience. To get an emotion started that would make anyone want to know and read further. Where he writes “In this respect, images are more precise and richer than literature.” (121) For anyone who may be passionate about literature may disagree, it would cause an emotion. An emotion that would cause someone to want a better understanding. He is using this strategy to get the audience interested, engaged, and to be able to have an emotional tie to the subject. He explains how images have been around to make up for what was absent. Words are words and mean what we read from them. Anyone can read a book explaining how life was in the past, and an image can give a different story.…
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