Rhetorical Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” The “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” takes place in a solitary confinement cell inside of Birmingham, Alabama. Majority of the letter were carried out on strips of paper by Dr. King attorney. They were using irregular jailhouse paper tissue. Dr. King was having a peaceful parade march when being held by law enforcement for not having a parade permit. Dr. King discussed the how Jim Crows laws set blacks and whites aside from society. The letter discusses the nine criticism that the white men created. Dr. King wanted unity in America for everyone to be treated equally. But, Jim Crow laws separate blacks from society in America. The clergymen became concerned about the black man’s willing to break the laws.
Rhetorical Situation:
The writer: The person who wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
The writer’s purpose: To defend his actions of non-violent resistance.
The writer’s audience: Dr. King wrote the letter to many religious clergymen who had criticized his work during the protest in Birmingham.
The topic: Dr. King reveals the cold truth about how African American live their lives in the United States under radical prejudice and cruelty environments.
The context: There were a lot of forces working against desegregation that needed to be exposed and several movements that desire to be in place.
Means of Persuasion:
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is the
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