Rhetorical Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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It seems incredible to believe that one man was able to change a society where injustice was predominating and most people thought that it was worthless to fight against it. However, a wise man fought against the segregation that was occurring in Alabama, Georgia on 1962, and he fought for equal human civil right for colored people. This man was Martin Luther King Jr., an ordained minister with a doctorate in theology from Boston University, who claimed to have a dream of a society that is just for everybody regardless of his or her skin color. It was so much injustice happening in Alabama on 1962 that King wanted to help his brothers and sisters in a peaceful way; in fact, as King claims on “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (King 4). In other words, King was aiming for justice in every part of the planet and even when he did not change the whole world, he provided better human civil right for colored people in Alabama. We can notice how King could persuade a lot of people by the way he uses pathos, logos, and ethos on his writing of “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Furthermore, King was very specific when it comes to giving very detail examples of injustice and such details provide his writing, “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” with a way of persuading readers even more. The simple fact that King was able to make people to connect with his writings in a deeper sense was such a marvelous quality that he had,
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