Rhetorical Analysis Of Like A Girl

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Shalveen Bains
Professor Henning
English 1A 11:00am
5 October 2017
“Like A Girl” Rhetorical Analysis In 2015 during the Superbowl, Procter and Gamble released an ad called “Like a Girl” representing the feminine product brand Always which was directed by Lauren Greenfield. P&G conducted research for the campaign finding that over half the women claimed they experienced a decline in confidence at puberty (Always, Procter & Gamble). The opportunity was clear, empowering girls during this time of their lives when confidence is at its lowest stage would give a powerful and purposeful role in how they would grow up to see themselves.The audience of this advertisement is a wide range of people, from those who watched the superbowl, and those who buy the variety of products P&G sell. The award-winning response Always #LikeAGirl campaign commercial, had turned a phrase that had become an insult into an empowering message for all young girls. In the beginning of the ad, a group of individuals were asked questions like, “What does it mean to run like a girl?, What does it mean to fight like a girl?, and What does it mean to throw like a girl?” (Always, Procter & Gamble) The individuals asked to demonstrate these moves ranged from adult males, females, and a young boy. Noticing the age and gender of each person is an important display of ethos. If these questions were asked to all females or males, or to only age range, the commercial would not have the same meaning. If only males
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