Rhetorical Analysis Of Margaret H. Sanger 's The Children 's Era

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A Rhetorical Analysis of Margaret H. Sanger’s “The Children’s Era” Speech
“Before you can cultivate a garden, you must know something about gardening.” This quote is from Margaret Sanger’s “The Children’s Era” speech given in 1925. Sanger believed that nurturing children is an art and has to be done properly in order for the children to be successful. In this illuminating speech, Margaret Sanger illustrated the lack of birth control options and overpopulation of unwanted children in order to persuade the people of New York, along with the Chairman, that it is time for a change when relating to women’s rights and children. Upon closer examination of this speech, Sanger used analogies, alliterations and focused on the children all while appealing to her knowledge along with the emotional and logical side to present her case about children being brought into the world unwanted, and that women should be in complete control of childbearing.
Margaret Sanger’s intention behind “The Children’s Era” was to defend the unborn children and the mothers along with blaming society for not following through with their dedication to the children. Sanger was an American birth control activist, who was a lead investigator for women to be able to use birth control and other contraceptives (“Margaret Sanger”). Also, Margaret Sanger had children herself, so she was knowledgeable when it came to raising and caring for children. She tried to enlighten the people, who which she was speaking to,
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