Rhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Letter From Birmingham Jail On Good Friday 1963, Martin Luther King Jr was arrested for protesting the treatment of African Americans in Alabama. He was sent to solitary confinement in Birmingham Jail. His attorney had passed along a copy of the Birmingham newspaper which consisted of some writing from eight clergymen that commented on the protesting situation with Mr. King. They stated that King’s previous actions and the protest were, “Unwise and untimely” (LA, 174). Because Mr. King was a very thoughtful man, he rarely responded to criticism. However, King felt the need to eloquently dismantle why the clergymen’s comment was so incorrect. King’s main point in this letter is to explain to the clergymen and all people why racial prejudice will not stand in the beautiful United States. With only time on his side, he got to work. Four days later he had written what would go down as “prophetic… diplomatic… and theological” (LA, 174). In King’s letter to the clergymen, ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail, he builds his ethos to both the clergymen and any other reader to understand what type of person he is, but the strategy that creates the most impact is pathos through the child viewpoint questions. Martin Luther King strived to be an example for all colored people in his lifetime. Because of his passion for equality, he could insert himself into prestigious respectable positions. He had his mind set on truly changing the world with his equality driven viewpoints and uses his dedication to make indisputable arguments. One important use of ethos was the reminder of why he was in Birmingham in the first place. King relayed to the clergymen that he had a high position in a large Christian Leadership Group. He creates a bond with his audience, the clergymen, by letting them know that they share faculty, educational and financial resources with their affiliated organizations. King explained that he had promised to engage in any non-violent protest if it were deemed necessary, and that is exactly what happened. Mr. King made a promise and he simply followed through with that promise showing he is a loyal person.
Another strategy he uses to build his ethos is to use great comparisons through religious
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