Rhetorical Analysis Of Night And Night

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Night Rhetorical Analysis Elie Wiesel wrote a book called Night and Night is about his life experience during the holocaust and to explain his experience during the holocaust elie wiesel used literary elements like image clusters, pathos, tones, and metaphors for the readers to get into more detail and to feel a certain way about his experience. Image Cluster “An old men appeared, his mustache was covered with ice and his lips were blue.”(pg.90) This is a image cluster because it’s saying that this old man is freezing with ice in his mustache as well as his lip turning blue from this icy weather. The effectiveness of this quote is to help describe what the author is saying at that current moment by giving the readers details…show more content…
This quote creates a effect of betrayed and disbelieve and a bit afraid because the example of the son betraying the father, who were so close and they survive together through the worst and then almost the end of the terror they leave the person behind which cause the people to watch there back and trust no one. Metaphor “Death hardly needed their help. The cold was conscientiously doing it’s work.”(pg.92) This is a metaphor because it’s saying that doesn't need the guards to kill the people that the cold would do it for the people, basically saying that people would freeze up to death. The effect would be that the people would die either way from the lack of water and food as well as feared and coldness and sometimes people can't take it anymore and people just fall and die without someone killing the person. Literary element play a big role in Night, they help each other to created a effect how frustrated, sad, and a bit of joy this book can have. Image cluster help describe what they're dealing with at the current moment. Image clusters
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