Rhetorical Analysis Of Omg ! We Have Been Here B4 By Clive Thompson

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Rhetorical Analysis Article “OMG! We've been here B4!” by Clive Thompson is a reflection of what the effects the telephone has on everyday communication as well as the development of the telephone over the years. Thompson however explains that the early days of the telephone weren't seen as a helpful tool for social interaction, but an abate to conversation. When the cell phone first emerged on scene, it was believed that people choose to communicate face-to-face less and call instead. Clive Thompson explores the thought that texting may make people shield their emotions, limit conversations to only the phone, and erode intimacy. Although the telephone had various opinions, the cell phone did not destroy traditional etiquette but altered the way we communicate with one another. Clive Thompson compares the critique and advocate of the telephones past and present. Today the telephone is believed to have changed the way people communicate on a day to day basis; causing less face to face intimacy and more texting. Thompson sites several present day sources of which blame texting for diminishing personal conversation. Thompson claims “the telephone was a teleportation device, bringing other people -- including, disconcertingly, strangers -- suddenly into one's home.” Therefore making the simplicity of speaking with someone in person, seem outdated. After the telephone, there was texting. Texting began to even make phone calls look retro according to journalist Jenna
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