Rhetorical Analysis Of President Kennedy 's Inaugural Speech

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What rhetorical features does President Kennedy use to achieve his desired purpose?


Politicians often use language to both persuade and imperceptibly control the opinions/decisions of their audience: whether it is to gain their support, to present their point, or implant their principles. It is of utmost importance to them to do this subtly, in order to not come across as too aggressive, intimidating or manipulative. As a result, the politician has to use language that is relatable, informative and understandable but also persuasive and strong.

In my study into the way rhetoric is used by politicians, specifically, J.F Kennedy, my attention will be focused on how language is used to control, persuade and influence.


I will focus on the general aim of:
• Exploring and determining what rhetorical features J.F Kennedy displays in his inaugural speech to convey his message.
My primary is to analyse and conclude:
• The types of rhetoric J.F Kennedy uses and the main reason behind their use
However, I will also look into the following areas:
• How the use of certain rhetorical devices changes the tone of the speech.
• How often Kennedy uses persuasive techniques during his inaugural speech.
• Which persuasive techniques are most often utilised and applied.


In order to explore the use of political rhetoric I have taken the whole of J.F.K’s inaugural speech to understand why he uses the techniques he does. As a result I plan to look at the use of…
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