Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama's Speech By Barack Obama

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In the Introduction Barack Obama welcomes the audience and requests everybody to take a seat. Likewise, he is thankful for all the compliments, the lessons he learned and the life experience he made with his duty as a president. By directly addressing the audience, Barack Obama straightly involves the broad public. Furthermore, his way of speaking is very personal, optimistic and hopeful. Therefore, he uses words like ‚‘’home’’ (l.1) ‚‘’fellow’’ (l.5) and ‚‘’touched’’(l.5) to make the prelude more emotional and to put himself on the same level as the listeners. The frequent use of the second person singular establishes that everybody agrees with him and each person feels connected with the president. The accumulation used in line 7 f.…show more content…
‚‘’Not to score points or to take credit, but to make people’s lives better’’ is used to strengthen the goal of this achievement by confronting two ways of intentions next to each other. As a result, the audience agrees with this statement, feel comfortable and safe. In order to continue with this line of thoughts, Obama counter the success by saying that ‚‘’ we know it’s not enough’’ and gives an extra emotional thought-provoking impulse. Finally, the president again quotes his gratitude and appreciates his terms in office. Also, he gives an urgent appeal to ‚‘’believe (…) in your (ability)’’ (l.45 f.) and to ‚‘’hold fast to that faith written into our founding documents’’ . Therefore, he underlines the fact that the future is created by everyone and not only by the government. In addition, Americans should trust in their country and see what they already achieved. Especially to clarify what things they are able to reach in the future. The parallelism ‚‘’that idea (…) that spirit (…) that creed’’ (l.47 ff.) underlines the fact of success in history and gives a communal spirit that includes all Americans. Likewise, the allusion to historical events supports this increase in intensity and gives no room for questions or
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