Rhetorical Analysis Of Professions For Women

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Analysis on “Professions for Women”

In Virginia Woolf’s speech “Professions for Women” she uses rhetorical appeal towards women’s abilities to do anything a man can do, she uses an overall good amount of rhetorical devices that help the reader to picture & experience what she’s feeling and wanting us to see. On the start of her speech she acknowledges the issue that society is becoming concerned with the employment of women, because women are still being judged about their place in the world and what their role in society should be. She then counteracts this negativity by talking about her own personal professional experiences. Although she is a woman she appeals to Ethos because she is in a room of women talking about what they all have in common, discrimination towards what their sex can and cannot do. Woolf also uses lots of imagery with her Ethos when she states “The family Peace has not broken by the scratching of a Pen.” She is showing that although she is a woman and women don’t typically work in literature and “aren’t good writers” her family still had no problem with it. “Writing has a reputable and harmless occupation.”(1) Therefore there was no harm being done, she wasn’t bothering anyone with her work. The fact that paper is cheap in their time only gives more reason to why “women have succeeded as writers before they have succeeded in the other professions” (1) giving them the opportunity to buy a plentiful amount and given all the free time on their hands
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