Rhetorical Analysis Of Rhetoric

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Rhetoric is used by speakers or writers to persuade or motivate their audiences. Aristotle defines it as a counterpart of logic and politics, and calls it “the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion. Rhetoric provides heuristics for understanding, discovering, and developing arguments for certain situations, such as Aristotle's three persuasive styles, which are logos, pathos, and ethos.”
There are five canons of rhetoric, which are invention, arrangement, style, memory and delivery. Invention is the developing and refining argument’s process, while arrangement is the process of arranging arguments for highest impact. Style is the process of determining how to present the arguments using figures of speech
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The speech continues with division, where it is a summary of the arguments where he stated that there are three main issues to be solved in order to build a great society.
Then, the body of speech continues with proof, which is the main part of the speech. The speaker stated logical arguments about the problems in details, then he relate it back to the facts that he mentioned earlier. The speech then continues with the refutation that highlight the weaknesses in the argument to the audiences gain sympathy and trust of the audiences to the government. He stated that the government has few programs to handle the issues, but not all of them may be succeed. But, then he arise the emotions of the audience as he promise they are going to do their best for
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The speaker’s language style can give influence to persuade the audience and give maximum effects of the speech. There are five virtues of style which are correctness, clarity, evidence, propriety and ornateness.
Correctness is speaking following to the rules of a language. The speaker is an effective communicator as he correctly uses words and follows the rules of grammar and syntax. The correct language used establishes credibility of the speaker to the audiences because it indicates that the speaker is well-educated. According to the video, I can see that the speaker talks very fluently as he speaks from the heart to persuade his audiences to change the future of the Nation together, and the language used by the speaker following the rules of the
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