Rhetorical Analysis Of Rhetorical And Rhetorical Strategies

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper


There are many examples of rhetorical writing strategies that an author could use to make the content more powerful. Writers use this sort of writing to have their writing be more powerful and effective on the reader. Rhetoric implies the effectiveness of communication to attain sure goals or purposes with the use of different sorts of rhetorical strategies and appeals. Rhetorical strategies are commonly used by authors to influence or inform the target audience. To achieve this motive, a creator need to observe the proper writing techniques, including rhetorical appeals and rhetorical strategies. Rhetorical appeals are factors supporting to create arguments,
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There are many rhetorical devices and strategies that M. Todd Henderson uses in this article to convince the readers. This analysis will discuss M. Todd Henderson’s use of description, comparison contrast, exemplification and logos.


The LLD 100A course reader states, “Description is present in all strong writing because it provides the significant details which explain ideas.” The first rhetorical strategy using in the article is description. Description strategy is illustrating details about a subject or a fact and describing it to the audience. At the beginning of the article, description strategy is used to describe the Wells Fargo’s negative news which hooks audience’s attention. Then author describe one of Well Fargo’s chief competitors: Bank of America, has relatively much better status than Wells Fargo. This comparison inspires audience’s big curiosity about the difference between those two banks.
He is using description to enhance and inform audience the image of two different operation status by lawyers and MBAs.

Comparison and Contrast
Compare/Contrast is the methods about organizing and flourishing ideas that as an essay’s primary rhetorical strategy”. In term of rhetorical strategies, comparison and contrast is used with the purpose of demonstrating an advantage or preference. In this article, the authors use it to inform the audiences about the differences
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