Rhetorical Analysis Of Sojourner Truth's Speech

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Writing has been an outlet and a platform for people who have endured hardships and discrimination, leading Sojourner Truth to write a speech that later becomes an anthem in the anti-slavery movement. Her original speech was delivered on May 29, 1851, to the Women’s Convention in Akron, Ohio, where she reached out to fellow women and people of color rhetorically asking why she was discriminated against with hopes to rally the audience and bring change to the pressing issues in America. Specifically, through her arrangement readers, 150 years later are still moved because of how successful it was, much of which can be attributed to the strategies Truth used in arranging her speech. As soon as Truth is given the stage, she addresses the crowd and begins to explain the pressing issues at hand. The speech, which is inductive, opens with support for her point that women in America and more specifically African American women in America deal with persecution and discrimination largely from white males, and so women need to band together and stop this. In her introduction, she addresses that fact that changes are being made in America, and that these oppressive white males will soon have to deal with the arising problems if things do not change. By putting this in the introduction she is able to spark rage and zeal into her audience, already bringing them to a call for action. Truth then starts her narration with a question to engage the audience and further explain the
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