Rhetorical Analysis Of Solace By Earl Sweatshirt

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For my rhetorical analysis, I will be looking at Solace by earl sweatshirt and the message he is giving in relation to mental health and how it affects a person physically and not just mentally. This message is very well in line with his general audience as many of them enjoy hearing about his mental health and knowing that someone they look up to has gone through the same thing or similar things that they have. Oftentimes, audiences of Earl, or audiences of Hip-Hop in general enjoy the often-unadulterated view of events that hip-hop can offer the listener, and this is entirely the same for mental health. Earl used the fact that people wanted something more graphic in terms of a project about mental health and made a project in which he…show more content…
As for the project itself, solace starts out with a haunting and distorted voice chanting “I’ve been here before” and then dives directly into his view on life as well as a statement of his struggles. His statement, “Late for everything my face to the cement, that’s how I always seen it.” Shows that he thinks life isn’t leading anywhere and his mental health will not let him believe otherwise. He then follows this with the statement, “I spent days faded and anemic, you could see it in my face I ain’t been eatin’ I’m just wastin’ away.” Meaning that to get a break from his depression and anxiety he would cope with marijuana while also neglecting basic needs like food which happens very often for people having a depressive episode, following this he compares himself to River Phoenix, a popular actor in the late 20th century who died at the age of 23 by heart failure caused by his drug use, and through this comparison Earl states he knows that his drug habits are probably going to put him in a grave early but it’s his coping mechanism and he cannot find any other way of handling it. This idea is further referenced at the end of the verse of part 1, “One foot stuck in a tar pit of my ways.” After the self-comparison with River Phoenix, Earl states, “When they drag me out the gutter mail the ashes to my mother” He is using this to say how much he knows his coping mechanisms are ruining his body but he wants his mother to know what happened even if it takes

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