Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech To The Troops At Tilbury

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“Speech to the Troops at Tilbury”: A Rhetorical Analysis Passion is a necessary trait all excellent speakers use to persuade their audiences. A passionate speaker uses pathos to sway his or her audience to the speaker’s side by playing with the audience’s emotions. Before pathos is used to move the audience emotionally, it is smart for the speaker to use ethos to build good credibility. With credibility, the speaker has the ability to make the audience trust him or her. That trust is beneficial to help the audience believe what the speaker is saying. Logos is another trait that a strong speaker must make use of to show intellect. It is the appeal to logic. Logic is needed to show the audience that the speaker knows his or her facts and can effectively back them up. Ethos, pathos, and logos are three vital aspects of a good speech. Elizabeth I uses all three appeals subtly throughout her speech, using pathos the most. The queen also uses rhetorical devices to emphasize her points. Through the use of amplification, asyndeton, and climax, Elizabeth I reassures and inspires her troops with her compelling speech. Amplification uses repetition in an ingenious manner, adding more detail to the original statement, making it more effective. Ethos paired with amplification is a very effective combination Elizabeth I utilizes in her speech to her troops in Tilbury. She builds ethos by comparing herself to men who are better known to the people. Elizabeth I knows her people do not
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