Rhetorical Analysis Of Star Wars : Rogue One

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Rhetorical Analyses for Star Wars: Rogue One The Star Wars franchise has been a beloved series from Lucas Films since the first movie aired in 1977. Since then, the directors have composed a saga of movies that are dramatic and awe inspiring to the audience. In order to perceive what makes these films so popular to the audience, we must analyze the techniques used in one of the saga’s latest installments, Star Wars: Rogue One. This film was an installment meant to be set in the time period between Star Wars 3: The Return of the Sith, and Star Wars 4: A New Hope. The film pictures the events that happened in order to receive the plans for the Death Star, and interstellar spacecraft designed to be capable of destroying entire planets. (could…show more content…
The daughter of Galen Erso, Jyn Erso, had been abandoned to an imperial prison, and was being used as a slave. When the rebel crew broke her out of that prison, she shown that she was capable of taking down all but one of the rebels. This proves that without her parents, she had lived a long life of hardship, further giving her the necessary skills to be able to join the rebellion. Pathos, perhaps the most commonly used rhetorical technique used in the entire Star Wars franchise, is first utilized the opening scene of the film. The Erso family was discovered by the Galactic Empire to have been living on a farm. Director Krennic, and a squadron of elite Stormtroopers, depart to capture the Erso family. However, things do not go as planned. Galen Erso’s wife is murdered and he is captured, while Jyn goes missing, only to come out hiding to discover she is now alone. Erso kneels on the ground, holding his wife’s lifeless body, while a stoic Krennic rushes him to depart. This scene uses pathos to convey an emotion of sadness to the audience. The audience is forced to try to relate to the tragedy of having one’s parents simultaneously taken away. To add to the sad emotion the audience is likely already experiencing, we view in the next scenes that because of this, Jyn was forced to live a life as a captured imperial slave. Only in the time of needing to find her father was she remembered and saved. Furthermore,
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