Rhetorical Analysis Of Steve Jobs Speech

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Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, addressed a speech at the Commencement at Stanford University. “You’ve got to find what you love,” he said to point out the main reason for his speech. Jobs was addressing to the students at Stanford, but he is really addressing to students at every colleges and universities. He point out three different stories to engage the listeners/readers. The three stories are the major points of his life. He was addressing them to show his listeners/readers that there is a way for anything even if you are struggling. It is effective, because as a reader; I find Jobs’ speech incredibly inspiring. Jobs uses three different stories that have a huge impact in his life. These three stories point out the strategies that he used to gain the listener/reader’s attention. Jobs’ purpose of the speech is to influence the listeners. He wanted to entertain his listeners with stories that play a huge part of his life. The knowledge the audience might have on Jobs’ background of his story is that he is a successful CEO of the Apple company. Apple is a worldwide technology company that sells software, electronics, and online services. Jobs’ speech enlighten the audience to agree to what he has to say about doing what you love. He used strategies such as figurative language, rhetorical devices, ethos, pathos, and logos to encourage his audience to believe in themselves. Jobs used ethos strategy which is convincing someone of
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