Rhetorical Analysis Of Susan Anthony 's Speech

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Introduction An oratorical speech aims to influence listeners to change their ideas or at least consider the ideas of the speaker for the latter to ponder. This paper will analyze the speech given by Susan Anthony, a feminist advocate who saw the injustice in the political sphere during her time. Her speech was a moving piece, which aimed to stop the discrimination and let women exercise the rights guaranteed by the constitution. The said speech will be evaluated in terms of the strategies used and also the influence of such speech to the society in the end.
About the Speech
In 1872, Susan Anthony, a known woman activist, gave a speech before thousands of people arguing the injustice imposed to women especially in terms of exercising their political and civil rights. The speech was the result of her arrest after she exercised her right to suffrage. She emphasized that she did not commit any crime but rather only use her right to vote as a citizen of the country. The speech was done to appeal the ethos and pathos wherein she stated that women cannot be disregarded on their participation in the nation, which is inevitable in a country of democracy and freedom. Susan made her point on federal constitution which states that women are included as citizens of the country and as such, they must not be deprive of the rights to participate in important events that is vital in the shaping of the country. In her mind, Anthony saw the wage inequities and certain restrictions to women…
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