Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Inglorious Fruits And Vegetables '

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Americans tend to have standards for the food we eat. For example, it must be clean, the right size, and not bruised just to name a few. Yet, we all waste food daily as if it were meaningless to us. However, if we saw someone kill an animal and just leave it without making the most of it, it’s considered a cruel and possibly even a criminal act. So I am asking you what is the difference, if there is one? France launched an advertising campaign that was created by Intermarché, entitled “The Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”. I chose this particular video because it utilizes many, if not all of the rhetorical tools. In this rhetorical analysis we will take an in-depth look at the rhetorical appeals, the triangle, and the canons that this advertising campaign forgoes. Intermarché is the third largest supermarket chain in France. They support their argument with statistics to begin with. Later, they conduct an experiment that they filmed with the unwanted fruits and vegetables. A grocery store gave the “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” their own aisle and marked the prices 30% off. In order to prove to consumers that these fruits and vegetables are no different than the “perfect” ones, they created soups and drinks out of them for taste testing. There was an average of 1.2 tons sold during the first two days of just imperfect fruits and vegetables. These results show that previously, consumers were judging based on outside appearances, when they could have been enjoying the
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