Rhetorical Analysis Of The Longest War By Rebecca Solnit

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For my rhetorical analysis, I read Rebecca Solnit’s essay “The Longest War,” which shed a light on the unequal treatment of men and women and the violence that women face throughout their lives, and around the world. In analyzing this essay, I looked at the context and the substance of Solnit’s essay. In terms of context, I looked primarily at her use of examples, and where these examples come from. First off, Solnit conveyed messages of gender inequality and violence from around the globe, rather than just throughout the United States. Additionally, she creates ties between the Civil Rights Movement and the women’s rights movement that is currently happening to emphasize the importance of the events to the readers. This strategy is also…show more content…
I realized that the abundance of examples and statistics that she used were a big part of this, because they provide facts that are hard to contest. I used this as the basis for forming my thesis. After this, I went through the essay again and found locations that tied in well to this main idea. This was my method for developing support. I looked at the essay and the context of it and tried to tie in what Solnit was saying with how I felt about the essay itself. I took this information altogether and saw how Solnit was proving her points and fulfilling her purpose. My strengths in this essay, I believe, are in not just analyzing the information that Solnit provides, but in also analyzing the effect that this information has on the readers. My final body paragraph details both the logical and the emotional responses that Solnit brings up in her audience. Additionally, I feel that I was successful in tying all of the analysis that I supply back to Solnit’s purpose in writing the essay. It is easy to look at the context and the substance of an essay, but to relate it all back to the author’s goal in writing it is what shows that you have a fuller understanding of the work. In writing this essay, I started out by trying to analyze far too much of what Solnit had written. Along with the substance and the context of the essay, I wanted to get deeper into her organization and other smaller details of her writing. In “The Longest War,” Solnit

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