Rhetorical Analysis Of The Northwest Indiana Pipeline Project

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I have decided to do my Rhetorical analysis, on the topic of the Northwest Indiana pipeline project. This project has been a hot button issue of late, there has been much debate amongst citizens and law makers on this issue of late. Though the same question has always been debated, by numerous people. People everywhere want to know, is the reward worth the risk? The topic of the pipe line is especially important to the American Indians who are in the way of the pipeline construction path. Though the other side of the argument is the amount of money and oil and jobs will be created from allowing the project to come to fruition. The reward are said to be great, though it could be said that the risks are even greater. The Indians tend to think that the pipe line is far too risky, given the catastrophic effects that an oil spill would have on their way of life. Many influential political figures have lent their voices against the construction of the pipe line. The debate still rages even as the pipeline nears completion, as the ethics of the pipe line is called in to question by many. Many people remember the devastation that the Oil spill did to the ocean, and they would hate for history to repeat itself. Ultimately it comes down to does the needs of the people equal the possible destruction of the environment and the way of life…show more content…
Vectren Corp. (Underground Construction, 2014) The Author explained in the article, that the plan is to spend some $865 million dollar on the construction of the 1000 mile pipeline. It is said that is will be checked and examined, with the highest federal and state regulations of safety in my in mind. (Underground Construction, 2014) It has been stated that they will install new pipes, to ensure the safety of the plant given the amount pipe that will need to be installed. (Underground Construction,

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