Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Odyssey '

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Warfare. Rejection. Trickery. Peace. One word stands out and doesn’t belong in Homer’s story The Odyssey; peace. Odysseus went through 20 years of being kept from his wife and son. He fought men and monsters, was rejected by wooers in his own city and people tried to tricking him during his journey back home. He didn’t find peace on his journey. He was always lamenting over missing his home and family. When he finally did make it home he hid his true identity as a beggar while he planned his revenge against the wooers who stole from him and took over his home. In the end he revealed himself and there was a battle where the wooers were killed. I think Odysseus was justified in his actions against the men and women he killed. Odysseus’ actions were appropriate based on the loyalty he showed his family, the terrible behavior of the wooers towards Odysseus and the fact that he showed mercy to some innocent people.

One of the main themes in The Odyssey is loyalty and how Odysseus’ loyalty justified his actions towards the wooers. Odysseus showed loyalty to his wife, Penelope, and his son, Telemachus, and his home of Ithaca from the beginning of the story until the end. He was willing to kill and/or die to protect them if he had to. In one of his visits from Athene she told him what the wooers planned for Telemachus when he returned. “Truly the young men with their black ship they lie in wait, and are eager to slay him ere he come to his own country”
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