Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Speech ' Why We Need End The War On Drugs '

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Rhetorical Analysis of TEDTalk In the speech “Why We Need to End the War on Drugs” given by Ethan Nadelmann, a drug policy reformist, Nadelmann gives a compelling and persuasive argument on how and why we should end the war on drugs. Nadelmann describes himself as the oldest son of a rabbi and a human rights activist who works to end the drug war. He urges that the drug war is very dynamic and what the United States is doing in relation to stop it is not effective. This helps launch into what he believes the US should do to end the drug war. A few subjects Nadelmann covers are, legalization of drugs, the effects of the drug war, and why we should treat drug abuse as a health problem rather than a criminal problem. Nadelmann argues that many other countries have seen many improvements after legalizing drugs and changing the way they deal with drug abuse. Overall, I think that Nadelmann’s speech is effective because he does not leave out any key persuasive appeals, he appeals to his audience by bringing up the ideas of health, wellbeing and overall a better society to live in yet, uses statistics and logic to support himself. Nadelmann is reaching out to voters or those in office to make the changes he is suggesting. Based on the amount of information Nadelmann included in his speech regarding the positives of legalizing and regulating drugs, his audience might not have much knowledge about this topic. Because the information Nadelmann presents is new, and potentially…

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