Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Word Of The Lord Came From Me ! ' Essay

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Study the literary/narrative/rhetorical function of the expression "The word of the Lord came to me!" Introduction: The word of God or human word? Given that the ancient canonization of the sacred Scriptures was compiled by human beings (editors) and of course, not without human elements and limitations, would that imply then, that one needs scientific, literary and critical methods to determine what these ancient authors meant when they expressed for example, that the word of God came to them? In this context, this study will explore the literary/narrative/rhetorical meanings of the expression ‘the word of God came to me as narrated in some prophetic books. First, the principle tenet of this study will focus on the connotation of the phrase ‘the word of God’, secondly it will reference how some prophets such as: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Amos received these words and its concepts and implications for them. Thirdly, in this search for the meaning how could these sacred words be incorporated into our thinking and our everyday experiences. Finally, this study will buttress that critical biblical analysis will not only enhance our knowledge of the sacred Scriptures but that biblical scholarship is indispensable for a faith seeking understanding, in other words, it can be understood better with the tool of human reason to explain our faith. The connotation of the phrase the ‘word of God’: “The mystery of the word of God is appreciated only when we take both sides of that

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