Waiting For Superman Ethos

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Waiting for Superman Analysis Countless children across the United States have the opportunity to go to school, whether it be a public school or a private school. However, many children, specifically in african american communities, do not have the opportunity to receive a proper education. They are simply thrown into a school because the state requires it, but what they do not require is an appropriate teacher. Throughout his documentary, Waiting for Superman, Guggenheim utilizes emotional appeal (pathos), the logic (logos) of his argument, and tone to convey the obvious fact that african americans in low-income communities are not provided with the necessary means to success. Although the documentary is coined the name Waiting for Superman, there in truth, is no Superman coming to the rescue. No hero in a red and blue cape is going to save these children from the horrors of growing up without an actual education. These children are left to a failing system because teachers simply just do not care about how they are affecting their lives. One of the strongest forms of emotional appeal in this documentary revolves around the raffle to get into a charter school. The narrator explains that these children’s futures are being “placed in the hands of luck.” Guggenheim is able to establish feelings of sickness for those who do not get selected and he creates a sadness that is sure to make his audience weep for the children that leave with drooping shoulders and forced
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