Rhetorical Analysis Of ' Years Of Living Dangerously '

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Rhetorical Analysis of Pathos, Logos and Ethos In the series “Years of Living Dangerously”, Showtime uses famous celebrities to star on a climate change documentary; the cable network, uses these celebrities ethos to gain the mainstream attention on a serious matter as climate change is. We can see celebrities such as Harrison Ford and Don Cheadle traveling around the world and U.S respectively to thoroughly understand the real factor that affect the climate and people’s believe in its drastic change. Harrison Ford begins by establish himself more than just a celebrity, but as someone who have been interested in climate change and seeks for more answers. Showtime, uses Ford’s ethos to imply not only that the audience should pay attention to him as a celebrity, but as a man who is worried about climate change and searches to understand what scientists say about it and what is the take of governments on all of it. Ford does not claim himself as an authority, nonetheless, he is exploring the matter as one interested person would. However, his heroic tone gives the audience an emotional connection with the documentary piece because it strikes people memory that he is the “guy”, an “adventurous man”, based on his movies characters. Although, the documentary usage of pathos to connect with the audience, the piece also have scientists presenting hard evidence to Ford about rapid changes in the climate. Harrison Ford meets with NASA scientists, who are certainly authorities in the

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