Rhetorical Analysis OfCould Yoga Be The Answer?

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Author and health and fitness specialist, Teresa Anne Power, in her article, "Could Yoga Be The Answer?", published in USA Today Magazine, through a logical and statistical standpoint, describes the beneficial effects the practice of yoga can have on youth. Power’s purpose is to impress upon readers the severity of the current child obesity epidemic, and convey to the audience how the very simplistic yet fruitful abilities of yoga can easily solve many children's health problems. The author demonstrates a candid and informative tone throughout her piece in order to educate the public, especially guardians of children, on the dangers that today's technological society are having on children and that something as ordinary as yoga can reap rewards for the rest of the child’s life. Power employs both pathos and logos appeals effectively in the article through use of statistically backed facts and factual common sense while also giving the reader a feeling of empowerment and motivation. Power begins her article, "Could Yoga Be The Answer?”, by discussing the growing problem obesity is and narrows down what, in her belief, is the main cause of this epidemic: inactivity. The author establishes her integrity from the get-go by quoting a medical professional, who emphasizes the extreme effects obesity is having on the next generation in relation to their parents. This starts the article with an attention grabber so that the reader will be interested in reading more and the fact that

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