Rhetorical Analysis OfNo Firemen At Ground Zero This 9 / 11?

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Rhetorical Analysis September 7, 2011- Michael Burke, a Wall Street Journalist writes“No Firemen at Ground Zero This 9/11?” Informing strong politicians that first responders didn’t get enough credit; since their families weren’t invited to ground zero for the memorial. Politicians have a lot of influence in New York; therefore, Burke appeals to them within this piece. He uses a narrative to paint an image of what had happened when there were only first responders and firefighters to try and save these helpless people in the towers. Remorseful flashbacks let the audience grasp what had really happened when everyone was evacuated. By doing all of these things, Burke uses: repetition, allusion, and distinct description to develop his message about the memorial invite they didn’t get. Additionally, Burke sets apart the other paragraphs with repetition of phrases. Such as. “And they still went in.” (Burke paragraph 3) “And they still went up.” (Burke Paragraph 5) Not only do these short paragraphs emphasize the sentences, but they piled onto one another, making it easier for the reader to understand how horrific 9/11 really was. Additionally, Burke’s strategy of repetition in one sentence paragraphs cause the reader to visualize the towers crashing. “then the South Tower collapsed.”(Burke paragraph 8) Reinforcing emotions, and empathy towards the first responders. Repetition of these phrases catches the audience or “politicians” and enables them to reflect back on the
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