Rhetorical Analysis On Cesar Chavez

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Si Se Puede Cesar Chavez is best known for using non-violent methods to fight for the rights of migrant farm workers. It is people like Cesar Chavez that give people hope to continue, regardless of the situation. Cesar Chavez is also remembered for all of his very powerful speeches that made a difference in this world for Mexican-Americans. For instance, in his address to the Commonwealth Club of California, Cesar Chavez used diction and different types of rhetorical appeals and details to help change American history for Hispanics in order for them to gain better pay and working conditions. Cesar Chavez was born on March 31st, 1927 in Yuma, Arizona to immigrant parents. Throughout his youth, Cesar grew up watching his parents work all day, in very harsh conditions, for such minimal pay. After…show more content…
It means that the right to talk freely about the union among your fellow workers on the job is a cruel hoax. It means the right to be free from threats and intimidation by growers is an empty promise. It means the right to sit down and negotiate with your employer as equals across the bargaining table--and not as peons in the field -- is a fraud. It means that thousands of farm workers--who are owed millions of dollars in back pay because their employers broke the law--are still waiting for their checks. It means that 36,000 farm workers--who voted to be represented by the United Farm Workers in free elections--are still waiting for contracts from growers who refuse to bargain in good faith. In this part of his speech, Cesar Chavez used the rhetorical devise called anaphora, which is when one repeats a word or a phrase in successive phrases. This rhetorical device makes the audience pay closer attention to what Cesar has to say, because they are anticipating what he is going to say next. This, without a doubt, benefitted Cesar Chavez, in a way that he had his audiences’ full attention throughout his whole

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