Rhetorical Analysis On Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift performs to cheering crowds at pre-Super-bowl concert; Calls it her last in 2017 Taylor Swift fans have probably seen the last concert of the songstress in 2017. This is because the “Sorry” singer herself revealed it to the crowds during her performance at the pre-super-bowl concert. Taylor Swift took to stage at her pre-Super-Bowl show on Saturday night and later said that she does not have any plans to perform for the rest of the year, reports Huffington Post. According to the publication, the 27-year-old songstress performed to the loud cheer of the crowd for the DIRECTV show in Houston and then stated that as far as she knows, she is only doing one show in 2017 and as far as she knows, this is that show. The announcement was certainly upsetting for the fans but Swift gave it a dash of positivity by saying that what she was trying to tell all the audiences is that by coming there they had essentially attended 100 percent of her tour dates for the year. She also…show more content…
As for the never-sung-before tracks, they were the most-recent “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” from “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Better Man.” For those who are not aware, Swift has never performed these songs live. So, it was a pleasant surprise for fans and though they might have missed Zayn in the duet, Swift’s funny take was enough to lighten them up. The Grammy Award winner said that she does not want the crowd to think that Zayn would be coming out because he was definitely not. She remarked that she saw a lot of phones go up in the air but the only one they have is her and so, she was sorry. Taylor Swift was in full form at the concert and right from her opening song to the stripped-down act on the steamy song, met with applause. It is worth mentioning here that in 2016 too Taylor Swift performed only one live concert. It was at the Grand
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