Rhetorical Analysis

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Introduction A rhetorical analysis assignment is to see how an author tries to present his work to a certain group of people. There is present certain meaning in all the texts and it is up to the author to communicate it in the required way. The purpose of this assignment was to review the article and see how the author made use of different strategies. It appears that a major aim that the author had was trying to convince the readers about revenue based financing. The author made use of several strategies as they will be discussed further down. There are many examples of rhetorical writing strategies that an author can use to make the writing all the more powerful. There is a very crucial reason why writers actually go for this sort of writing. The simplest answer would be to have their writing be more powerful and effective on the reader. The document that will be analyzed today is an n article written by Verne Kopytoff. The title of writing basically talks about how revenue-based financing is a good solution for business. The title itself sheds positive light on the article and states that the better the business does, the faster you will pay. The author of the article is Verne Kopytoff who is a technology journalist. He is alum of the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times. The article was written on February 05 2013. The intended audience for this piece of writing is struggling entrepreneurs. These employers or owners can belong to either big business or
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