Rhetorical Analysis : Rhetorical Rhetoric

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What makes a piece of writing compelling to a reader? Every piece of good writing requires close attention to a rhetorical situation, genre, and an audience. Writing occurs within a rhetorical situation and is made up of a speaker, a subject, an audience, and the context (genre). Each of these criteria builds on one another to make a piece of writing. The speaker or writer can choose what form of text or genre he/she wants the audience to get out of the context. Genre and the audience make up a rhetorical situation. The genre and audience both rely on each other immensely to produce the targets responses.
Rhetorical situations are everywhere. Rhetorical situation is the context in which speakers or writers create rhetorical discourse. The speaker, or writer (the rhetoric), create arguments based on the situation that has taken place. The rhetorical situation emphasizes the importance of the situation which people have to respond to.
According to Bitzer’s text, a rhetorical situation is not just understanding the context in which the speech is located. The rhetorical situation does not refer to the setting, where the interaction between speaker, audience, subject, and purpose takes place. It does not necessarily depend on a persuasive situation and is it not embedded in a historical context. According to Bitzer, “A work is rhetorical because it is a response to a situation of a certain kind” (Bitzer 3). A rhetorical situation has three main parts: the…
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