Rhetorical Analysis : The Rhetorical Square

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Growing up while writing essays we were always taught to make sure it was clear to your reader, it was accurate, has its purpose and you directed it to a certain audience. I’m sure everyone understands these points while writing but we just have trouble using them and or following them as we write. In the past couple of weeks in class we have discussed two articles that gave excellent information on key points we should keep in mind while writing. The first article we discussed was The Rhetorical Square, which provided advice about four key points. The four key points were, Purpose, Audience, Message and Voice. “The rhetorical square is simply a method to remind us that both as readers and writers, we need to be conscious of the art of writing” (The Rhetorical Square 2). The next article we discussed in class was Intellectual Standards for Critical Thinking and Writing. This article informed us about six key points that I feel are the most important, Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth and Breadth. In this essay, I will discuss a few concepts as they have or have not applied to my present writing, past writing and will it apply to my future writing.

The first concepts that I want to touch are Purpose and Precision. While writing my essays I generally feel that I do a good job of stating the exact level of detail I need while still having the purpose. Sometimes students put to much detail in their writing and it’s hard for the reader to understand their…

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