Rhetorical Analysis Thoreau

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Questions on Rhetoric and Style:
1. Describe the tone Thoreau establishes in paragraph 2. How does it contribute to the rhetorical effect of the paragraph? In paragraph two, Thoreau uses a depressing, problematic and facetious tone to get his message across. Thoreau explains how he is strongly against the United States government, and also points out problems of the government. Thoreau uses depressing diction when describing the problems of the government in order to make people feel hatred toward the government and realize how problematic it actually is. Thoreau uses Power of Three to exemplify the problems of the government, and further connects with the audience on an emotional level by pointing out how the citizens help lead to the countries’ problematic state. Thoreau’s use of inappropriate humor when he explains trade makes the United States government seem trivial and almost as a lost cause due to the problems caused by the leaders. His relation of such a serious topic to a comical reference makes it an easier to understand situation. The use of this specific tone creates a more impactful rhetorical effect that is relayed in the paragraph.

3. Thoreau develops many analogies to support his arguments (e.g., in paras. 8 and 9). Select three, and explain whether you find them convincing. How effectively does each one support the claim Thoreau is using it to support? Thoreau’s use of analogies to support his arguments are very beneficial in getting his point
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