Rhetorical Analysis : Us And Them

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Rhetorical Analysis: Us and Them
David Sedaris ' claim in his essay Us and Them is inferred from its content to be that those who are privileged tend to mistreat the less fortunate. They also judge the lifestyles of others whom they may demarcate as different while ignoring their own faults and imperfections while at the same time refusing to accept other people 's cultures and ways of life into our own or deeming others inferior. The fundamental message that the author is trying to convey through this anecdote is ultimately “tolerance.” The author published this collection of essays in 2004, when he was approximately at the developed age of 47 years old. The essay can be seen as a nostalgic reflection back to his past, to one of the many worthwhile, valuable, and subtle lessons taught to him by his mother. The author perhaps wrote this specific essay to act as a catalyst for the audience to realize the larger injustices that happen to people around the world like the level of severity in poverty that exists in both undeveloped countries around the world and the ignored corners of our own backyards as a result of the greed and imperialism of capitalist nations and their consumerist ideals. The publishing of this book roughly coincides with the opening of hostilities when the United States invaded Iraq in 2003. David Sedaris ' purpose in writing this essay is to force his audience to in turn look at and analyze themselves just as he did in his own narrative, and recognize…
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