Rhetorical Analysis : Use Of Rhetorical Discourse

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Krauthammer uses the rhetorical discourse that guides his audience and his ability to affect their opinions and guide them what he wants. He attempt find accuracy ways to make the organs donate by money more acceptable. The donation is voluntary without force and optional work for any voluntary act. As well as the volunteer does not expected to gets rewarded for their volunteer work. The sharp rhetoric and directed to a specific class of the population makes the writer statement get more supporters. The author has put the logical questions make the recipients agree with his ideas. He is marketing his ideas regardless to other aspects of the case including social, economic and religious side. It is the social aspect I don 't think the class people willing to accept the author 's ideas. They refuse to cut off their relatives’ bodies after death. So, we will find the victim of the ideas the poorer classes only. Also, the author’s idea will move slowly to include the live people as well. The religious side I don 't think that religions accept to cut off organs parts after the death. And, the economic side the authors believes the small amount of money can be contributed the in the funeral ceremony. Frankly, the small amount can degrade the dignity of the deceased. Krauthammer create a clear the opposed opinion statement, he began to find appropriate evidence to his thought with very straightforward. Krauthammer use extreme argument like, “whereas a person is not a commodity, a…
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