Rhetorical Analysis: Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations?

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The essay's full title "Why I Love Shoplifting From Big Corporations" hints at the author's larger social critique of American capitalism. The author complains that she lives as a wage slave, forced to work most of her life to pay for basic necessities while large companies make huge profits off of her labor. When she pays for something, she says she considers the exchange one of violence, rather than justice. Shoplifting 'levels' the playing field. The statement 'I love shoplifting' is an act of deliberate hyperbole to catch the reader's attention and hides a more serious message about the nature of modern capitalism, although the author's one-sided rhetorical style often causes the reader to raise objections to her thesis rather than nod in agreement. The obvious reason that someone would 'love' shoplifting would be that she wanted to have items she could not obtain with her current paycheck. However, the author does have a job, and over the course of the essay she does not specifically identify many expensive items that she would like to possess but cannot buy. "Everything changes when I shoplift. I'm no longer negotiating with faceless, inhuman entities that have no concern for my welfare; instead, I'm taking what I need without giving anything up." Her main complaint with capitalism is the impersonality of its…

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