Rhetorical Analysis for "Ways of Talking" Essay

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Rebecca Wright
Mrs. Martin
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19 November 2014
Poem Rhetorical Analysis

The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious of the rose”, said Kahil Gibran, a Lebanese artist, poet, and writer. In other words, optimists see the more favorable side of the flower, the beauty of the rose, while pessimists focus on the negative parts, blinding their view of the beauty. Ha Jin’s poem relates to this because he illustrates the change from a pessimist to an optimist. In his poem “Ways of Talking”, Jin explicates the beauty that arises once we rid of our negative minds.
Jin uses the word “grief” to explain that we used to choose to lament, then we couldn’t help to,
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Due to the nonattendance of the “and” in the listing, the reader understands and feels as if they have been through a stage of this endless river of grief, this “immortal flow of life”; therefore, as Jin puts in an analogy, comparing grief to a river, he is also incorporately this endless flow of sorrows into the stanza.
Continuing to look at the list, he refers to these losses as things in which “descended without warning”. Then in the third stanza, where he illuminates the allure of letting go of negativity, he uses things again to say that “Things become beautiful.” Many might read through this poem and not at all think anything of the word “things” placed in two different stanzas, but they are truly significant in Jin’s writing. They stand for the same thing. In both uses, things stand for the loves lost and the marriages broken and the friends estranged. At first these things snuck up, without precaution, then they became beautiful. It’s called silver linings. Silver linings offer benefit in a situation that is commonly adverse. The splendor comes from seeing that God had someone better than her so­called lover, so their love didn’t last, her parent’s divorce occurred for the sake of the future containing an amazing step­father and a precious baby addition to the family, and two friends made the impact in each­other’s