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Which English do the Canadian prefer, American or British? In the province of British Columbia.

1. Method.
Used method is called corpus-based. The sources were found on websites of British Columbia. The language in the texts studied is common and widely known. I have analyzed words used on websites.

2. The problem of spelling.
The issue of different spelling emerges, when we consider the history of Canada. The French, who at first arrived to Canada, gave in 1713 their colonies to the British Empire. That is why Canadians have two home languages. Canada is a part of Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 54 independent countries, almost all of which were formerly under British rule. Canada is a
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It is 5/6

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8. Analysis
Canadians in British Columbia prefer using British English than American English, but the difference between using British English than American is not big. Canadians mix British with American English.
General percentage of British spelling in British Columbia is 54% (14 British to 12 American types).
In “commerce” category there are 5 types in both British and American English. In “food industry/trade it is 2 British types to 2 American, in “housing” it is 1 to 1, and in “Transportation” it is 2 to 2.
The second, rather conservative lexical sector is the government terminology. British spelling occurs in 4 types, while American in 1 types. ( In “town/city administration” category it is 2 British types to 0 American, in “province government” category it is 2 British types to 1 American).
In category “educations” there are 6 American types to 5 British. ( In “primary” category it is 1 British
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