Rhetorical Analysis of Charles Murray Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis Are too many people going to college? This question has been contemplated over for years. The increased cost of college throughout the years has caused the question to become even more relevant. Charles Murray, an author from the American Enterprise Institute, wrote the essay entitled “Are Too Many People Going to College?” Murray’s essay sought ought to explain that universities are being filled with students who are either not prepared for higher education or who are compelled into attending college and are unable to succeed because the lack of inherent abilities. While Murray makes many pertinent points about America’s infatuation with the B.A as a standard into a class of intellectual elite the essay does not take…show more content…
Murray hope this would leave these people to begin develop a better way for people to achieve academic or professional success. Also this essay translates easily to those in position of seeking higher education so they will understand Murray’s point of view. Murray applies the rhetorical appeals of pathos, ethos, and logos throughout the essay. His rhetorical appeal on pathos is used to help promote his view on society’s misalignment of understanding that all youth should be prepared to attend college. He argues that a student who has the natural abilities for liking the stringent work it takes to complete a college education, and whose SAT scores meets the threshold for college readiness, is more likely to succeed than a student that does not have those same abilities. Because these student s are grouped as one and are all given one option the students who do not have those abilities are being set up to fail ( Murray 227). Murray’s ethos appeal propose that guidance counselors and others with a vested interest in a student’s should take heed to the student’s strengths and they may realize college is not the best option. Murray argues, “Guidance counselors and parents who automatically encourage young people to go to college straight out of high school regardless of their skills and interests are being thoughtless about the best interests of young people in
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