Rhetorical Analysis of a The New York Times Article Essay

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The article titled "The man with the snow job" appears in the Opinion Pages, The New York Times. Author, Gail Collins, opens her article with the question: “Who is to blame for this weather?” which hooks readers’ attention and makes them curious about what they are going to read. In her writing, Collins talks about the current snowstorm in the United States and how it is used for everyone’s advantage. She also points out how government officials such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama use the occasion of snowfall for their own purposes. The author borrows images of global warming effects to discuss some controversial problems in the society these days. She applies the following elements to establish the…show more content…
The expression is frequently applied to people who abuse their authority to avoid criticism or to deflect guilt or mistake. Therefore, I understand that “the man with the snow job” here implies a group of government official. The following metaphor is made when she introduces the email sent from Rahm Emanuel who is in the race for Chicago mayor. The author says that Rahm “wasted no time in sending off a storm-related e-mail, offering “a few helpful tips” on how to weather the weather.” (Collins). Rahm Emanuel is giving some snowstorm survival tips that every citizen already knows. Is it difficult for Chicagoans to survive a snowstorm without Rahm’s leadership?
Another metaphor is made when she says: “We are sick of bad weather and looking for a dumping place for all our bad vibrations” (Collins). In this case, “bad weather” does not literally mean climate change. It implies the bad political and economical situations that people have been undergoing recently such as pension problem, political corruption, and global warming. “A dumping place” can be considered as a specific person who we can blame to.
To support for the sarcastic tone, Collins additionally makes a sophisticated simile: “We would like to blame one specific person – like the evil queen in the movie “Red Sonja” who used a magic orb to destroy entire civilizations with terrible storms until she was vanquished by Red Sonja and Arnold Schwarzenegger.” (Collins). Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 38th
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