Rhetorical Analysis on Child Abuse Psa Essay

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Gabrielle Leisure
ENG 090 - 004
Christina Gaines 8 April 2013 Child Abuse PSA
Advertisers use a variety of appeals to convince the viewer’s to buy certain products or bring a topic to the awareness of the viewer. The anti-child abuse announcement that San Francisco Human Services Agency released is no different. A public service announcement is designed to publicize a problem the nation is facing. Advertisements can appeal to the audience through a variety of elements such as images and speech. In this advertisement pathos and ethos are represented through the sounds and visual content while logos is presented through the statistics given at the end of the advertisement. With this advertisement it is also important to consider the
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She is harsh and demeaning in her words, telling him he “always does this” and she “can’t believe he hasn’t learned this yet”. He lays the puppet down and hangs his head as he walks slowly towards another room where the voice seems to be coming from. The viewers are now left with a saddened emotion as the music has become depressing at this point because the violin has changed its tone to a slow tempo now. As the boy leaves the room the puppet slowly rises to stand looking extremely sad because he has lost a playmate. The next scene is the young boy sitting on his bed with a blackened eye and you see the puppet enter the room and approach the boy. He picks it up and holds it snuggly against his chest as if that’s the only thing that loves him. SFHSA uses pathos in this scene to connect with viewers and make them feel sorry for the young boy.
San Francisco Human Services Agency use the audience’s reaction to connect them with serious nature of the information about child is abused being presented. Every ten seconds in the United States, child abuse occurs and 30 percent of abused children will later go on to abuse children of their own. The SFHSA wants you to be aware of the signs of child abuse so you can stop the cycle of child abuse by reporting it to authorities. The advertiser is using logos here to give you a better understanding of the long term effects child abuse has on future generations. These statistics help

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