Rhetorical Analysis on Heidi Klum’s Carl’s Jr. Commercial

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The Carl’s Jr. “Jim Beam Bourbon Burger” featuring the beautiful Heidi Klum, is one of the company’s top ten commercials. It begins with the model dressed as a parody of Mrs.Robinson's from the movie “The Graduate”. She continues the commercial by asking a young man name Benjamin, located across the room if he likes bourbon burgers; then takes a big sexual yet nice bite of the burger in her hand. Walking across the room she stops the young man from leaving while shoving the burger into his mouth to bite. He then notices and confronts Ms. Klum of trying to seduce him as she gently touches on her body. The narrator for the commercial then says, “ With a taste of bourbon, it’ll make a man out of you.” Carl’s Jr. commercials like this one…show more content…
The use of sexual appeal is continuously used as she bites the burger in slow motion. She makes her way to Benjamin as she lifts her leg up and leans forward to make him bite the burger as well. The way Heidi speaks to him also evokes a sexual appeal. This commercial knows exactly who they are trying to target and does this by emotionally appealing to society's interest in sex, beautiful women and popular movies. They know that by using good looking women in their commercials it will evoke happiness, joy and even lust out of men. The ethical appeal or ethos is apparent here as well. Ethos is the credibility, morality, authority or reputation of the author or speaker. It is important because viewers of the commercial need to know that the person in the commercial is credible. Carl’s Jr. chose one of the world's sexiest Victoriaira Secrets model as their source of ethos. By placing Heidi in the commercial to use her body and looks to seduce the other character to eat their burger, is only small evidence to prove that this commercial will make other men want the burger as well. The intention of the ad is to sell the product and Carl’s Jr. did this also when they had the narrator say “With a taste of bourbon, it’ll make a man out of you.” Implying that because bourbon is a type of alcohol that only adults can drink, if you eat the burger

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