Essay on Rhetorical Analysis on High School

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High school, the best times of our lives. But in every situation others don’t experience it as the time of their lives. In specific, the so called, “Loser, Nerds, Outcasts." Sometimes the perception that most high school movies convey for this certain group are the reality. In this article "High school confidential: Notes on teen movies" by David Denby, He describes the functions of an everyday American high school. David Denby uses very effective language and rhetoric to provide the minds of the opposing side. A sample of the rhetoric skills he uses is stereotypes, ethos, and pathos. The most disliked teenager that runs the halls is a popular blonde-.... She's tall and slender, with a waist as supple as a willow... slatternly tongue…show more content…
He has firsthand experience the life inside of high school, so he must have seen these type of characters when he was in high school. So what reasons wouldn’t give us the mind set of trusting someone that’s experienced the high school life? This is why his ethos is so important in opposing the other side. He also uses pathos very well through the columbine shooting.”The enemy is other teens and the social system that they impose on one another.” The teens that impose such a system are the ones that were named in this essay. And this system is imposed through insults. But one can only take so much, and that is what happened in the Columbine shooting. These “gothic” kids were under attack by the popular group, and pushed them to the edge to where they believe that doing such cruel acts could somehow with the satisfaction of revenge. It is horrifying to realize that teens are so heartless, but that is what has happened. This is not only emotionally effective to the reader, but also logically. Because if you think about it, Denby imposes his statement that there is the popular bitch, the jock, and says that they are pushing a social system. So this just reassures the fact that what Denby describes is true and happens every day with the halls of high school without outsiders
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